Welcome on AIFE company web site.

Since 1997, we exert our skills for industrial applications.

A definition of this activity could be the pooling of various competences - electricity, automatism, data processing, etc - with an aim of proposing systems for production aids and quality controls.

Our services an knowledges offer to you adapted solutions for a wide range of needs:

  • Research & development (Automatisms, sofwares, mechanics systems, electrical systems, ...)
  • Autonomous stations (semi-automatic / full-automatic / ...)
  • Assembly systems (process control, quality control, ...)
  • Production management (components control, measurement, data recordings, bar codes...)
  • Quality control (measurements, vision applications, acoustic systems, ...)
  • Specialized engine
  • Industrial equipment (electricity, pneumatism, tools, networks, PC, automat, vision, ...)

  • The assets which make our competitiveness:

  • 10 years of experience in car industry (Valeo, Trèves,...)
  • International customers (European union, American continent, Asia, The Middle East, ...)
  • Company with human size
  • A lot of partnerships

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